Educational Principles

The School Community

It is necessary to create favorable conditions for cooperation and collaboration.

The activities and the implementation of innovations should be based on self-reflection and self-confidence as well as inner motivation.

It is important to create a school association, ready for cooperation and mutual understanding.


The Curriculum

The Curriculum must comply with legislative documents and meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic.

The Curriculum should reflect the important information and provide an explanation of this information.

Training programs should include material aimed at instilling students with the skills and creative abilities and thinkings, researching and analytical skills, to form the ability to communicate, to express their thoughts and the ability to defend their point of view, as well as the ability to successfully adapt to a different social environment. 

The Curriculum should reflect research innovations and their results.


Education environment

The most favorable educational environment is that environment which ensured the active participation of students.

Conditions must be created for data research and their development. 

Learning through inquiry gives a higher level of intellectual habits to students.

Teacher - student relationship should be built at the highest level to achieve a quality education.

Applying of new techniques creates an optimal learning environment for the formation of new opportunities.

Assessment being an integral part of teaching and learning process, provides a perfect and better way of learning for students.


The student

Each student has their capabilities and areas of interest. During the teaching process, these points should be taken into consideration.

Students should have the ability of critical evaluation.

It is important to develop and build the skills and ability to identify the problem of analytical thinking in students. 

Students should be able to apply the knowledge, important information, as well as the ability to use technical means in the created conditions.